Sunday, June 30, 2013

Available Persian Kittens in Florida

Kismet Kittens has new kittens available for sale in Florida with shipping in the US and to Canada.
We specialize in breeding Doll Face Persian Kittens with Blue, Green and Odd Eyes.
To view our newest litter of beautiful Persian Kittens we have for sale, please visit our website at

Kismet Kittens specializes in the following Persians:
White Doll Face
Silver Chinchilla Shaded
Golden Shaded
Calico & Bicolor as well as Tabby Kittens!
Our Persians have been featured in the book titled: The Elegance of the Cat
To Reserve your dream kitten and for all Information please visit our website.




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Location:US & Canada

Friday, June 28, 2013

Early Reserve Specials

Kismet Kittens is having a summer early reserve special!
We have a few litters going for this special and prices are as follows:
Traditional Doll Face Persian Kittens:
White Kittens with

Eyes- Regular price $1500 to $1850 Our Early Reserve price $1250.00
White Kittens with Green Eyes- Regular price $1250.00 Early Reserve price $950.00

Silver Chinchilla Shaded Kittens with Green Eyes<del
Regular price $1250.00 Early Reserve price $950.00
To get in on these special prices and to qualify for Early Reserve Adoption buyers must put a deposit which is $200.00 via our website at follow instructions outlined on the Available Kittens Page. Deposit is deducted from total price of kitten.
Balance must be paid 2 weeks
prior to delivery or pick up date. Shipping is additional to price of kitten and is at the buyer's cost.
We ship using a professional animal transporter and we never ship crate.
Shipping ranges $300-$450 in the US we also ship to Canada prices vary.
To inquire and to view available kittens
Text: 813-409-8418
Ex Small ( Teacup ) kittens Available


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Silver Shaded Kittens with Green Eyes!

Silver Shaded Persian Kittens with Green Eyes!
Reserve Now:
Text: 813-409-8418

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Teacup Silver Shaded Kittens For Sale Florida

Persian Teacup Kittens for sale in Florida

Kismet Kittens Available Kittens:
Ex Small ( Teacup ) Silver Shaded Kittens with Green Eyes!
To Reserve:
Text: 813-409-8418



Location:United States

Friday, June 21, 2013

White Teacup Kittens Blue or Green Eyes!

Kismet Kittens just had a small litter of beautiful White Doll Face Kittens. These stunning babies will have Blue or Green eyes! We are running a huge summer special. These Persian kittens normally sell for double our special price of $1250.00
So if you would like to reserve the kitten of your dreams now is the time.
Our kittens come with a Health Certificate, are Vet Checked, have First Shots and are Litter Trained,
They are Well Socialized , and have a 1 yr. Health Guarantee
We are an Experienced, Professional, Ethical Breeder with 6 yrs in the business.
Also available for purchase are Silver Chinchilla Shaded Persian Kittens with Green Eyes!
They will be ready to go 07/20/2013 price is $950.00
Shipping avail on our kittens with a prof. animal transporter, and is additional to price of kitten.

For all Info:

Location:Tampa, Florida

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Litter of White Doll Face Kittens

New Litter Of White Doll Face Kittens with Blue or Green Eyes

Reserve Early.

For Info:


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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Litter White Persian Kittens

Kismet Kittens just had a new litter of White Doll Face Persian Kittens.
To Reserve your new kitten please go to our website or text/email us to hold the kitten of your dreams.
Other Available litters:
Silver Chinchilla Shaded
Text: 813-409-8418

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Monday, June 10, 2013

2 New Litters Of Silver Chinchilla Shaded Persian Kittens

Here at Kismet Kittens we have 2 new litters of exquisite Doll Face Silver Chinchilla Shaded Kittens with Green Eyes!

These beautiful babies are the Ex Small ( Teacup ) variety.
We will be running an early reserve special for $950.00 so make sure you reserve your dream kitten in advance.
For all information:
Text: 813-409-8418


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Teacup Kittens

The Adorable Ball of Fur
A cat person knows how teacup white kittens can make anyone go crazy. Their soft fur and tantalizing stare can hypnotize people. This is exactly the reason why there are different breeders who chose to breed Persian Teacup kittens and cats. They make sure that these kittens grow into healthy white balls of fur. Like other adorable and loyal pets, teacup white kittens can be your additional family members and they are very good companions as well.
You might be wondering why on Earth is it called teacup white kitten. To make things clear, the term “teacup” in Teacup Persian kittens does not mean that the kitten will not grow into full grown cats after some time. No, it is certainly not that way. It is a descriptive terminology that is used to properly name a kitten’s breed. It is for purpose of knowing the origin of the cats, their behaviors, their likes and dislikes, and the proper way to continue breeding them.
To be very specific with the term “teacup”, did you know that only the silver and gold-colored Persian cats were originally called as Teacup Persian? Yes, white Persian cats were originally not included on the category. Not that people before were racists with cat colors, but because gold and silver are the colors that were rampant during those times. But now, even the white ones are arbitrarily termed as Teacup Persians. Just because your kitty is called a “Teacup Persian” it doesn’t mean that he or she will no longer grow a few more pounds; because if you do expect that the kitty will remain tiny as a teacup, you might be in for a big disappointment. Though, silver and gold ones are smaller than white, they will somehow still gain a couple of pounds more as a process of growing up; this supports the fact that the “teacup” term has nothing to do with size.
Now, how to take good care of your teacup white kittens? Providing good nutrients to your beloved furry creature might require some efforts and good knowledge. After all, you cannot just feed them with whatever is found in your fridge or your dinner leftovers. And it is understandable that it can be a tough love. Just like taking care of your own children, you need to be careful not to give them everything just because they want it, especially when it comes to food. Otherwise, they could get ill since they can be very sensitive with their diet. If yours is a new born, about a couple of weeks old and the mother cat is not around, ask your vet for a recommended liquid feeds for them. When they reach the fourth week, they can be ready and capable of eating canned kitty feeds mixed with the liquid your vet will recommend.
Those white kitties are so adorable that you will surely not mind giving them the proper attention that they need. Treat them with so much love and they will surely give that love back without conditions.
Ensure that you get your teacup white kittens from reputable pet stores or breeders. You can start your search by visiting

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

New Litters

Kismet Kittens has 2 new litters of beautiful Persian babies.
We have a litter of Traditional White Doll Face with Blue or Green eyes!
Prices are as follows:
Green Eyes: $1250.00
Blue Eyes: $1500.00 to $1850.00

We also just had a litter of Silver Chinchilla Shaded Kittens.
Prices are as follows:
Green Eyes: $950.00 to $1250.00

And a litter of Seal Point Himalayan Kittens.
Price is as follows:
Blue Eyes: $750.00 to $950.00

To Reserve your dream Persian:
Text: 813-409-8418


For Information: