Monday, April 22, 2013

Available Persian Kittens & Upcoming Litters

We currently have Ex Small ( Teacup ) Traditional Silver Shaded Persian Kittens For Sale. Male & Female.
These exquisite kittens will have Green Eyes. Some will be ready to go 05/14/2013 others will be ready 05/24/2013.
They will have 1 st. Shots, Health Certificate, Flea Treated, Litter Trained.
CFA Reg. Our Persian Kittens are Well Socialized, Affectionate and Healthy.
We are Experienced, Professional, Ethical Breeders with 6 plus yrs. in the business. We have references from past buyers.

Upcoming Litters:
We are expecting the following litters:
Traditional White Doll Face Persians
Blue & Green Eyes! Prices are $1250.00 to $1850.00
Traditional Doll Face Silver Chinchilla Shaded Persians
With Green Eyes! Prices are $950.00 to $1250.00
For Information:
Text: 813-409-8418

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Kismet Kittens featured in book!

We are pleased to announce that Kismet Kittens was chosen to take part in an upcoming book about Persian Cats due to be released this summer!
The book is titled:
The Elegance of the Cat.
Be sure to reserve your copy by preordering one at Amazon link is below . Photography by Astrid Harrison

The Elegance of the Cat: An Illustrated History (Hardcover)
Tamsin Pickeral, Astrid Harrisson

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Friday, April 12, 2013

2 Ex Small ( Teacup ) Golden Spotted Persian Kittens

Kismet Kittens has 2 very beautiful Golden Spotted Persian Kittens for sale.
The Spotted Golden's have much more vivid markings similar to a Tabby Persian with Golden fur blended through out their body.
Their markings do not lighten as the Golden Chinchilla Persians do.
Summer Price is $950,00
These stunning kittens will be ready to go May 25 th 2013
Will be posting on our website this week.
For additional info and to request more photos and videos

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

For Sale: Silver Shaded Persian Kittens

We have a beautiful litter of Silver Shaded Persian Kittens Available to go to their forever homes 05/10/2013
Male and Female
Health Certificate
1 st Shots
1 yr. Health Contract
Professional, Knowledgable, Experienced Breeder.

Price is $950.00 Early Reserve
Text: 813-409-8418

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Teacup Persian Kittens

"Let's discuss Teacup kittens.
The origins of the much sought after "teacup" Persian.
First of all many folks are mislead by unethical breeders into believing that the Teacup Persian is an actual breed of cat. This is false there is no such thing as a Teacup Persian. The word Teacup is a term given to specific breeds of Persians known to be smaller in size than most other Persian cat breeds.
The known smaller Persian cat breeds are Silver Shaded, Golden Shaded and the White Doll Face Persian. Many so called Professional breeders have attached this term to their Cattery in hopes of charging exorbitant amounts of money by misleading their buyers into believing they are purchasing a breed of Persian that simply does not exist. What I mean when I say does not exist is because you cannot register any Persian cat as a teacup with the CFA ( cat fanciers association ).
While I do not begrudge anyone from making money and anyone who had ever bred Persian kittens will tell you it is a lot of work. Breeding any animal takes a certain amount of commitment, responsibility and sacrifice not to mention it cost money to breed on a professional level. So I do believe breeders deserve to make money from what they are doing. There is a huge difference however from breeders that love what they do and decided to make it their living and from those that are only in it for the money.
My issues are with those breeders out there that are specifically breeding Persians as a Teacup and scamming buyers into believing they are purchasing a rare exclusive breed of Persian, how they accomplish doing this is by mating a runt from one litter to a runt from another litter, which produces an unhealthy kitten with genetic defects and hereditary health issues. These kittens do not live a full life span as genetically unaltered Persian breeds and most buyers end up with heartbreak not to mention all the money spent at the Vet's.
Purchasing from these highly unethical breeders is in a sense condoning and endorsing their behavior. I hope that by educating buyers regarding the Teacup Persian that it helps you to avoid making a decision you will no doubt regret but also to stop breeder's that are taking advantage of buyers who are not Knowledgeable on this subject.
Breeder's riding the Teacup money train do not care about the breed of Persian they sell or their well being. There are many online articles regarding Teacup kittens so simply do not just take my word for it, educate yourself. As they say knowledge is power.
Kitten Updates:
We have some stunning Silver Shaded Persian kittens for sale that ready mid May.
To request more info:

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