Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kismet Kittens- Examples of our Persian Kittens & Upcoming Litters! Reserve Now

Here are a few examples of our stunningly beautiful Persian kittens and the quality of the Persian babies we sell here at Kismet Kittens.
A Beautiful Example of one of our White Doll Face Persian Kittens.

A Beautiful Example of one of our Silver Chinchilla Shaded Persian Kittens.

A Beautiful Example of one of our Golden Shaded Persian Kittens.

Here at Kismet Kitten we specialize in these 3 particular Persian breeds.
Our Persians have Blue-Green & Odd Eyes!
We breed Persian Purr-fection.
All of our amazing kittens come with a Vet Health Certificate-1 st. Set of Shots-1 yr. Health Guarantee-CFA Reg-Litter Trained-Flea Treated-Professionally Groomed-Well Socialized-Affectionate-Deluxe Gift Bag!
We are a family owned Cattery with 6 yrs. of knowledgable experience.
Professional & Ethical Breeder.
Live References from recent buyers.
We truly love our Persians and that makes the world of difference when purchasing from a professional breeder.
We are one of the most highly recommended breeder's in the business.
We offer our beautiful high end Persian babies at an early reserve price that is reasonable and affordable for all buyers.
Get on our wait list to Reserve one of our perfect Persian kittens from an upcoming litter and get pick of the litter!
Wait List Reserve Fee- $200.00 Deposit which is Deducted from total price of kitten.
Upcoming Litters:
White Doll Face with Blue Eyes!
Early Reserve- $1,500.00
This will be a small litter, so reserve before they are all gone.
Contact Info:
Text: 813-409-8418

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Saturday, March 23, 2013


We stated on a previous post that our newest Silver Shaded Persian Kittens would be ready to go in July. That was a typo they will be ready late May. We have corrected the typo and apologize.
Early Reserve is $950.00 but will be going up to $1250.00 very soon so reserve now while you still can.
Text 813-409-8418

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Favorite Kitten Things

I know all cat lovers that enjoy spoiling the feline companion in their life will enjoy this blog.
I have put together a list of websites that will indulge your passion for giving the new kitty a few indulgences.
We recommend the wall products as cats are natural climbers and this literally gives you a way to create a series of cat steps so your kitten can climb and explore.
Literally everything you will need from cat towers to beds and cat shelves, we love the classy modern designs, worth checking out. A bit pricey but worth the money.
We love the cat boutique section.
Many items are OOS so check back.
This company has the bling collars that are fancy and very sparkly. Our pick is the Full Monte in Black leather you can have these customized using three different color Swarovski crystals.
Anything made by Juicy Couture, for your feline companion.
The best place to get Pet Juicy Couture Products is on eBay.

And last but certainly not least our all time favorite cat boutique is this place rocks they carry high end cat furniture , trees , climbers but my personal favorite item is the 5 th Ave. Designer Pet Stroller.
Also worth mentioning is that they carry monster cat climbers for you folks who have multiple felines. Our favorite kitty condo is the Gray Zebra, sleek and elegant this condo blends nicely with most furniture.

Enjoy browsing if only to fantasize or for future reference.
And naturally we encourage you to do your price comparisons, many items we mentioned are custom made but you may find less expensive alternatives for what you are looking for or you can be super lucky like me and have a carpenter in the family that can literally make anything I want.
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2 New Litters of Silver Shaded & 2 Black Tabby Kittens

We just had 2 new litters of Silver Shaded Kittens and 2 Black Tabby Persian Kittens.
These beautiful kittens will be $950 to $1250 early reserve. Reserve while these prices are low. Winter litters cost much more due to demand, so now is a smart time to get the Purr-fect Persian from Kismet Kittens.
View our website for all information at:

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Silver Shaded Persian Kittens Are Here

Kismet Kittens is proud to announce 2 litters of Ex Small Traditional Doll Face Silver Shaded Persian Kittens.
There is 7 to choose from!
We also have 4 Silver Tabbies!
Reserve Early for the best price.
Early Reserve is $950.00 for the next 4 weeks.
The stunningly beautiful Persian kittens will be ready to go 05/17/2013
For information:
Text: 813-409-8418

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Update on White Doll Face Persian Kittens

Next week I will be posting photos on my website ( Kismet Kittens ) of the currently available kittens we have for sale.
Right now there are only 2 Golden Shaded kittens left, 1 White Doll Face and 1 Bicolor Doll Face.
All will come with 1 St. Set of Vaccines, Health Certificate, CFA Reg. with Contract and our Deluxe Gift Bag!
Be sure to check our website next week for the newest photos at

We are expecting more litters very soon. Don't forget early reserve on this litter is $1250.00
After the photos are posted we will extend the early reserve for another week then the prices will go up.
For info you're welcome to
Text us:
Email us:

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reserving Early

In order to receive the best price for one of our kittens it is recommended that you reserve early. Price vary for Reserving Early. Pricing depends on many factors.
For example to Reserve a White Doll Face Persian with Blue Eyes is $1500.00 this is due to blue eyes being in high demand the early reserve price assures you will get the kitten you really want. This same quality Persian kitten sells for double this price with most other breeders.
Many of the Persian kittens we sell are between $950.00 to $1250.00 to reserve early.
The early reserve price saves our buyers hundreds.
Once our kittens become 4 to 5 wks. old the price goes up.
This is due to several reasons, when kittens are first born true quality is impossible to detect, once they become 4 wks. old we can see the quality of each kitten as it progresses, that is one determining factor that changes price other reasons are lineage, care, cost, as well as advertising are all factored into the final price of each Persian kitten.
By reserving early you are getting a high end Persian kitten at a much lower price.
We are the only breeder offering high end Persians at this price, we try to make owning a Persian of this caliber affordable for everyone. Buyers that know the quality of the Persian kittens we sell tend to reserved early.
Repeat buyers receive a $100.00 off.
There are many breeders out there to choose from and we like to give our buyers a professional, pleasant experience.
We have references from past buyers and hope to build a long term relationship with our new customers based on mutual respect and by providing you with a affectionate, beautiful Persian kitten that will give you many years of happiness.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Silver Shaded Persians

Kismet Kittens is expecting the arrival of a new litter of Ex Small Silver Shaded Persian Kittens.
Early Reserve on these beautiful babies known for their affectionate personalities and stunningly elegant looks will be $950.00 this is a extra special price so now is the time to Reserve the kitten of your dreams.
If you have always wanted a high end designer Persian but could not afford one in the past, we are offering this price for a limited time only. Kittens are due to be born this week.
Reserving goes from first to last, once a buyer reserves they are numbered on the list for this new up coming litter, once kittens become 4 to 5 weeks old we go down the list and ask our early reserve buyers to choose a kitten.

To Reserve Early:
Text: 813-409-8418

Buyers receive weekly updates via text which includes photos and videos.

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Location:Sonya Ln,Brandon,United States

Friday, March 8, 2013

Kittens for Sale Updates

We now only have 2 Golden Shaded Persian kittens left from the litter, and we have 1 White Doll Face kitten and 1 Bicolor kitten. All others have been pre sold. Ready to go dates are:
Golden's 04/20/2013
White's 05/01/2013
We are also expecting a new litter of Silver Chinchilla Shaded kittens and another small litter of Golden Shaded kittens as well.
Reserving early or in advance is recommended as it is first reserved, first served.
We offer shipping but with a professional animal transporter only and we never ship in a crate.
This cost buyer's a little more but for the well being of our Persians we will not ship any other way.
Those interested is purchasing one of the above Persians will need to Reserve Early in order to ensure you will get the kitten of your dreams.
Our early reserve is $1250.00 but this price will go up once the kittens are 4 weeks of age and true quality is known.
Our prices are the best anywhere and compared to other breeder's we are significantly lower.
We offer references from past buyers upon request.
Our kittens come with a 1 year Health Guarantee, they will have a State Health Certificate and 1 st. Set of Shots. they will be Litter Trained and Groomed Professionally and Treated for Fleas.
All kittens come with a Deluxe Gift Bag.
For info feel free to visit our website at
email us
text us 813-409-8418

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Update on New Litters & Coming Litters

Kismet Kittens has 3 Beautiful Golden Shaded Persian Kittens Left For Sale.
DOB 02/20/2013
Ready to Go: 04/20/2013
To inquire please text or email us.
Text: 814-409-8418

We also just had a litter of 6 on 03/01/2013 of Traditional White Doll Face Persian Kittens.
Our Persians tend to sell rather quickly and 4 from this litter have already been sold so there will be only 2 available.

We are also expecting a litter of Silver Shaded Persian Kittens due to be born in the next couple of weeks, those interested can go to our website or contact us by email or text for all information about reserving one in advance.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

New Litter of Traditional White Doll Face Persians

My beautiful Queen Star just had a litter of beautiful kittens.
There are 4 left. DOB 03/01/2013
Ready to Go 05-01/2013
Her last litter was photographed for a book.
These exceptional Persians will have an early reserve of $1250.00 for the next 4 wks. after that the price will go up as true quality will be known. Reserve your's now to assure you get the kitten of your dreams.

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Location:Hillside Ramble Dr,Brandon,United States